~Welcome to 2010~
The 5th day’s saying
No doubt that i like ipoh much
Cz lotsa memories there
Cz lotsa friends there
It’s convenient going out all the time!!
Have a simple yet special night on 31th
Steamboat with some secondary school guys
It has been a period till this meeting up
Quite surprisingly got this steamboat
 Since i did not plan whatever for that nite
Having movie
*Thanks for the ride and concern*
An eventual family dinner
*Who knows i dont have back so often this semester =(*
NightTea with "Special" friend
*She called me as that in hers there XD*
Let’s be the bookworm but not wish so
Gonna screw up for all things but cannot now
Macam kena sleeping disorder
U would hear scream from my room if u were at my house for 3rd night
Not sleeping well
Not getting a good night
Whatever position also bad feeling
Finally settled all troublesome procedures
on my own
on help of family
Having back driver’s feeling for a while
It’s great indeed
Appointment of lunch with friends
Love cake there now n ever
5th&continuous days
Just continue proud to be a nerd
I dont mind if i can get good result afterthat
is good.not better yet best.
My hope for this time is getting smaller and smaller
When i’m studying more and more while time runs and runs
Just try my best to widen my hope and minor the possible dissapointment
Maybe probable
What’s crossing a bookworm’s mind when everything is dry?
Steps to be a pro-nerd
Appearance comes first.
Just wear specs and tie up ur hair.
Sure is a must if u’r shortsighted.If u’re not but want to.sure welcome to do tis
Hair.just simply tied up without comb.
Till the end hair still will messy even how nice before XD
Looking for a place that you can sit for hours
Better getting a cusion as partner. lol.
Study must need some tools
highlight pen, calculator, mechanical pencil.
If not how call study?
Simplest three for me
Books or notes wont left out la
*I also not left my phone alone XD*
Prepare fully
Sit down
Cram into those words or perhaps numbers
Better dont move so prepare water and food too
*Kitchen always better place cz got big table too =)*
Move also within a short short distance
You are the nerd for the day
I’m crapping =)
Prove that i’m not suitable be bookworm
Cz should not be daydreaming those despite studying
But i did
I’m tired of planning and planning

5 responses to “NERD

  1. 好久不见你上来了~其实也才4~5天~哈哈~还是新年快乐~~!!

  2. 不快樂,是因爲班上和家裏發生的一些事情說會被罵,是因爲我自己做了一個決定可是我知道哪些人一定不認同一定有事要罵我很任性可是他們不知道,我是下了多大的決心我不做那個決定,我會更不快樂我會更痛苦我知道我一定會被罵,可是又怎樣我已經作好準備了我對自己說我被罵的時候我不會哭我沒有錯,我真的沒有錯錯的是他們不曾聼過我想說的話

  3. 那公仔我也不懂怎麽做要問weili咯~哈哈她送我的看到她的禮物真的很感動心意滿滿,很溫暖

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