.It’s all about MOOD.
I start to be having holiday mood
Even next monday, means two more days, still have one paper pending there
My progress just moved like turtle? snail? or even slower than this both?
The condition has changed better slightly
But still can feel all things are walking in a lazy tone
Change my blog background and even type a blogpost here.
The mind came in and told me to do so.
Hopefully it comes faster even i scare about the result
This semester all people around me are quite stressful. Scared by last sem’s result certainly.
Everyone has been working harder all the moments. Pray that outcome will outweigh the efforts
I do put in efforts
But when going into examhall, sitting and looking at the paper, I even don’t feel where they are going
Rubbish bin or tersimpan?
Especially got one day before exam, I even slept before 12am and failed to wake up early doing last revision
It’s surprising for me
But that night i really felt that my brain tersesak. "Word" jam inside XD
Kay, it’s already been past tense. And result already in marker’s pen there. Nothing to do with me
Don’t look into the past
So, we do look forward the holidays and jump the exam-day when browsing through calendar
I want shop
I want travel
I want bump into TGV,GSC,and my novels
I want sleep without worries.without alarm.
The life will be coming soon
Already change into holiday channel
should make it become STUDY first this few days.
Just this few days. few hours. few minutes.
It’s all about MOOD
My mood tell me that my next task is going to sleep
Nitez everyone
P’S :: I’m not so satisfied about this but yet like it than old one. 
那么一刻 我想念

6 responses to “Mo0D

  1. 哈哈也好久没看见你了哦呵呵~~考完试了吧?好好过你的假期吧~~

  2. wat i can say to u nw is:pls do ur best n add oil loh…as all student oso hope tat exam period gone faster n holiday period wont even hv an ending d lah…just take it easy n care bah=)

  3. haha…i now in chinese new year mood…lol..XDeventhough school alrd started but yet i dun hv any mood to study…>.<

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