是 Now-or-never Situation
Either this or that.
Any decision must involve many opportunity costs
An accountant will automatically think so much.and kira kira. LOL =/
But it’s a must to give assurance.
I very fan now la!!!
Hope everythings will be going on my way…

10 responses to “Now/Never

  1. i agree v u d lah…decision abt future is so hard to make d n there is a fact too tat every decision made hv its opportunity cost d(as v learned tis theory at economics)…as an ability of a accountant oso is count here n there lah cuz their job is all abt counting d mah…although i dun knw wat happened on u,bt just try to relax,calm down then think wisely…i hope tat u can make a optimal decision^^

  2. 本來和ck約好一起去考undang的可是他卻臨時放我飛機害我自己一個人上戰場我們約好了她要幫我作弊的我考了6次啊還是沒有過関(大哭)你看我是不是要殺掉他

  3. 选择真的是一件很烦人的事情..不过跟着心去走吧..听听心里的选择@@

  4. 其实做一个选择很刺激的因为自己会做到不一样的事件且得到不一样的结果!

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