Back to 3months ago

Sweeping my holiday mood
Tomorrow, 17th May, officially our TARC re-opening date
But my heart in’t opening to all studies matters
Final year here I’m coming,
Unbelievable I have already been there for past three years, and now is the so-called oldest senior among all.
This year,
Really a tough year going thru to wear the four-square hat again and step out from this place.
Yet touching my textbooks and notes,
Yet understanding what my subjects all about,
aLready concluding for the end
Why our "beloved" lecturers have started to stress us out thru email,class reps,CEL,blablabla  =(
This makes our study life is just full of pressure and rush.
Should I say this alert this warning is good for us or not at all?
Not till 24hours,
I need to adapt to what life?
Everyday wake up with an alarm, walking to bus stop, sitting in lecture hall or perhaps sleeping, XD, hearing and absorbing the knowledge, walking to bus stop, doing homework/revision, online and sleeping. 
The next sunrise all over again.
Student life can be colourful also, with those highlight pens on those notes.
I need buy all stationeries. =( Forget about that jo.
Bye-bye to my sem-break
Even I spent alot of money, flying away from my account to other account,
But create alot of memories in my collection =)
That’s colouring my life.
Looking forward for my next weekend back home.
I’m homesick seriously since I was flying here flying there.
I believe my mum dad miss me too. =(
After playing and playing,
My face already very "chan"
Accept the new life with this look OMG
Should I call the life new? this’s just repeating the life that three months ago.
Today I’m going to Zoo Negara. Haha
that marked the end of my holiday.
Stop spending and save for my next next next target.
– Bookfest ( FEw sets of novel) – Those PROcamera (I’m already start complaining about my current digital camera punya quality =P)
– Shopping crazy (Feel like renewing my wardrobe) -Extra savings in my account la. Not remain but add more =)
.The End.
用了英文 因为 很久没用了
如果成功看到这里 谢谢 阅读我的poor language
如果直接跳过看到这里 请回头看 就当加强英文 因为我的超简单了虽然会闷
也是接受另个命运的接触 注定要说说话的
我也想改变那僵硬的关系 多个朋友也不错嘛 就算是点头之交

6 responses to “Back to 3months ago

  1. 你祈禱我的失眠快好那你也順便幫我祈禱我的燒快點退吧我又生病了

  2. 不知覺的也畢業了3年厚,真的有點嚇到 =p我才要升大一呀。還有得捱加油加油 ^^

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