Long Random

Randomly jotting down
Just wn make here alive is an excuse
Gotta feeling touch keyboard only =P
Here u go,
1. Suddenly get an idea tat going back ipoh study
   as what i did last semester.nope is last last sem
   Grab an early bired train ticket on national day
   And there,
   comes out below tat super duper emo blogpost
   Really a super disappointing night after cheerful lunch with my family
   What a big contrast..
   Shoo Shoo Jump Jump
2. not really productive as in home also
   Facebook can be accessed FOC using digi.And i’m one of the "I will follow u"
   Study har,Walk har.Phone har.
   U imagine also can know how quality of my "hardworking" la
   Worst there, when i woke up from lovely bed.i could hang around at home doing nothing
   My home not bungalow.not much space let me walk or work let me do
   Totally dont know what my head blank~ing at tat moment
   Till one of the day.
   Since few mornings also as useless person then okay la.decide to attend gathering aka lunch.
   Shun bian as motivation to study with guilty heart of going out the next day ma.
   The night before idk-why-pain attacks my stomach plus still have a cold milo before go bed
   Once wake up.the whole day is destined as wasteful day with bed.tissue.toilet.
   *flu comes along accompanying meriah meriah whole noon =X*
   What the.
   cannot conclude anything for back-home decision. mix of up and down.
3. I swear that i can do better.example to say, i can get out of blogging here but i’m here a.><
   So once upon *few days ago jek la*
   I posted my fb status as if effort equals to result sure will die smtg as tat
   Surely somtimes exam is 80%ability 20%luck. luck on markers’ hand.
   But what i wanted to shout out is if tat’s an equation.what my lecturer always on mouth."See the fate soon"
   My tunnel still dark dark la.Okay la.got a bit brightness la.Know how a bit?Kelip Kelip tat kind.=.=
   *tunnel is always used by my lecturer as saying to our ACCA professional journey*
4. Happiness is there when gathering with friends.especially girls gang.
   Sacrifice one night *ppl sacrifice to study.i sacrifice for what.see my fate.><*
   Going out to chill around with them
   Laughter.volume.vacation.gossip about country.ppl around.stranger.waiter.what also can as a topic
   Few-hour spending earn what.satisfaction with alot up-to-date news.
5. Anyway, back to reality
   Feel legs are heavy as walking near to kl house door
   Exam countdown 3days.or exactly is 2days plus plus plus.
   huaaaatttt aaa.. *unrelated bt feel wn shout tis*
   Start d one-week-war with lousy preparation
   My bullets even not enough and idk the skill to shoot
   Enjoy my days without pressure even still need stick with books
   But at least NO EXAM.
6. How good if my doink was a guy.Haha.non-stop saying anywhere.
   Caring from different gender differs from same gender.
   So, treat you as a dream guy first la.eHeemmmmeehhhhmm xD
FM full with music at night
sleepless revision plan bcz of stupid ruin-up plan
U say la.
3days really enough for one subject.with two-digit questions.with three-digit pages.
Really die die lo
Say jo first then *touchwood touchwood*
No stupid No die.Pantang words =)

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