Do u feel guilty in a sudden?
Always i been
Now i am.
The mr.guilty knocked my door
Now entered without any permission.
Guilty comes from imperfection
But who does perfect all the times?
A war between heart and brain. between emotion and logical.
tell me how to balance it? It’s hard, isn’t it?
When u’re reading this,
Yeah, you’re right. I’m in dilemma.
When you’re in this sort of situation
and eventually u choose to stand on either side,
Guilty will come in.
I don’t know others, but i do.
Sounds silly.
Believe ur choice and be responsible for all consequences is what i have always told others.
And now i even want to blame, not blame exactly, and just don’t understand why the world’s full of choices already, yet still have split-road inside ourselves.
If it comes solely, would be better.
But no. It makes me feel as wearing a mask.faking myself.
Merely because i cannot shout the dilemma out.
U know, sometimes for the peace sign,u need to remain silent and solve the puzzle urself.
Everyone did that, i believe.
I only hope sometimes i could be a kid.
And, when i saw,read,did, it’s obvious i’m still a kid ever.
Not control my will and let myself trap in somewhere unfavorable.
Getting myself in an unspeakable trouble. Thus, don’t think i’m smart.
Not i don’t want to speak out.
Just because i cannot get the comfort i want.
And also, i know what the common response would be.
I know all.I clear of tat.but I failed myself.
I’m sorry. Speaking out,then i rather choose to be listener all the times.
I’m just here to confess, but not fully.
Writing out i’m in dilemma is the limit set, and i never been doing so.
I’m an adult, yet i hope i can act as an immature girl writing whatever in happening.
But i could not.i know.
This is the only place that i wrote and forgot.
Don’t remind me of this unless i’m going to remind u.
I’m still naive, i believe everyone comes here reading each and every words for sake of concern.
Make my naive is a truth.
Thanks everyone.
I’m fine.
I have my way to figure things out.

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