I usually get sick of “explaining” this task.
Personal problem. I’m impatient and also not well in communicating my ideas in other ways.


Thanks my course being so unique, or badly named ALIEN, in the college.
I keep on hearing
“then when ur sem start?”
“So good..blablabla..”
“Eii..then now means u are holiday la??”
“why so different ge..”
…….etc….etc…many etc…….


Frustrated betul.
Can i have an answer machine automatically helping me filter all those questions..
All noises become “duuuhhhhh..”
I tired of telling again and again..
“Errrr..december start course i dont have class..but need prepare for dec external exam lo..”
“ no class la..just revision class..end jo ma..come back ipoh study ge..”
“Ooo…*repeat and repeat once ppl ask and ask*…”


I wish i could disappear till get rid of those annoying questionmarks..


Everyone please notice please la..
Don’t cling on that “no class” the full attention to each single word..
For me,
Clarify clarify again..this’s not HOLIDAY ( i never use cap to mention smtg..however it seems as a need to do so..)
Gotta study in these days for my december external exam la..


Thanks for those thoughtful.
And sorry for being blacked face or words not nice to those not in the situation.


I smile but i under stress.
When you say “you jau good lo..” smtg like that, I at heart eff~ing with an “ohhh..” reply..


p’s: FYI..i’m acca student..sooner taking acca external exam on december..
        maybe u just understand december not so far when i use my textbook and notes to throw on u..
        PEACE if u’re peace to me too.. =)


堆啊堆的 到一个程度 就会溢满出来
但你了解你知道 是无心的
所以只能等待 等待它再沉淀 然后才能有空间把沙堆进去





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