Another liar.

Ya. I could be a liar. Yet everyone also could be.
Liar means someone that cheat/lie others.
Transferring photo from my nokia to lappie.
Notice that that red spot on my face is so obvious.
And that software knocks into my brain. Almost forget that there’s another editing software inside lappie.
Meitu xiu xiu it called.
Have heard?Or inside ur lappie too? Its function could be as photoshop  and easier alot alot. Simpler, even for photonoob.
So continued my that about photoshooting angle cheat. Now about editing skill.

See it’s normal la..
But but but..
Cannot really see the difference except colouring and wording..
Okay. Left and right. Before and after.
Spot the difference..
Photo tone
Background defocus
Wording at right bottom (tis normal case la)
Red spot beside my nose
Mascara yang sudah melt.Got a bit dark dark down my eyes there.
And the most important
Feel that got energy more? you shen a bit? ( i feel that la)
Because of the bigger eye ball.
I guess this is the most important in photo editing right?
I not yet shape my face ( because don’t have upgrade that software) , change my hair colour, and etc.
So peepers,
No offense too.
Sometimes u would feel that want some effect in ur photos. Just same as LOMO.
Ya i love it much. yet dont have money go buy it.
So u only have normal camera or camera phone. then just do it by those software.
Editing is also part of photography. Photography is not solely about holding and capturing.
Editing would add some advantages to ur photo gallery, showing ur skill in using those tools.
Due to my laziness, usually i did this only.
The brightness because i never satisfy of the megapixel of my camera phone. 3.2.
one more things,
Taken by nokia, that size is too big and costs a lot time to upload.
Software is so essential to me.
What i use?
Picase 3.0 and Photoscape.
Ya.I dont have upgrade it.Think that there is more advanced functions inside now.
Really easier and faster. Trust me this lazy worm.
I do recommend to my friends.
So Download the latest one.
p’s: i always got red spot here red spot there. annoying. =( even let ppl joking as what? curry kei. ><

11 responses to “Another liar.

  1. 工作的繁忙有时会让人忘记了步伐

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