Seems as putting here in a depressed mood.
Truly, i’m frustrated. i’m speechless.

To be honest, it’s in black and white mode.
How sad as if you were in this situation right?! I beg you not to like this.

Might be from now, I should answer “Okay la.Good a.”if someone come to ask me how ACCA could be.
to impress that person with this kind of answer.
to influence and change mind, probably could switch on the colourful mode.
It’s a psychological war. wtf.
But sounds true weh.
It’s the pavement. Nobody force you to choose.push you to there.
How could the current you want to be opponent with the before you?!
So let’s change the mind if you think what situation you are in is hard.

“It’s always hard, it’s has been always hard, and it will be hard still..”
“So why want to think it’s hard to make it harder..”

Good advice I had.
Saw it from smblog.and must be a reason to let me read this.
Modify a bit and create chinese version for ur all sake. Just share. =)

Btw..If I says that, and someone gonna give me a response like “根系啦,她根geng..”or”你准备晒根系啦..”
Then as usual, I will smile and curse u deeply inside my heart.
Sure another case if that’s joke/u’re innocent.Will feel it before cursing.Not gonna lost karma for a joke.

Sorry to myself. Almost forget that principles that I hold on.
One of them is
“No complain in my life”
as I believes that everything has a cause and solution.They’re tied.

I’m still looking forward for
.lovely month.
I will consider that three-day exam not in my beloved month, even my birthday is stucked in middle of it.


爱好照片者可以按进去看看 十二点前她有送postcard
主要不是这个 而是希望你们以后都可以去给作品点意见

彩虹 自己抓笔 自己画出
有别人彩绘 只是多一份美好

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