Ur heart will always want to do something beyond ur responsibilities
Especially E.X.A.M





Told myself to stop continuing access or try to make it as reward after few chapters
But then,
I would make it as reward after few pages..
Actually nothing new online if u keep on hanging around internet..
But still i’m on there..
Even no any updates..
What the..f or h..u choose urself..

Exam is killing but yet fattening..
U burn midnight oil but add ur body oil..
Sore throat few days or week ago..
I thought it’s been getting better as i don’t have see any worsening sign..
Two days before i guess, my throat had that itchy feeling..
That’s a red signal to me..
Ermmmm..temptations come in at the same time too..
Cold drinks, movie popcorn, mcd, pizza, and etc..
i just had choco few minutes ago..
I promise, will have more water while enjoying my temptation..
waiting for my dove choco flying back from sg..

Sleep, movies, bla bla bla..
Bed’s too comfortable..
(Bed: Don’t blame on me please.><)
Haha..So i sit and face my lappy..
Luckily not much nice movies on show now..
Fortunately ipoh’s a lousy place with lesser movies..
No plan to watch Potter actually after finding that no one here..
But get an unexpected call asking me to watch..
So how i reject? Haha..
but forgive me..i usually not used to say NO..esp movies and foods..

Brain will automatically fly, fly, fly to nowhere and start to build castle on air..
It’s just specially credit to girls..
If u’re guys and u do..then tell me what u daydream about..
I cannot imagine..

Nothing more i guess..
Above already can kill me before exam kill me..

Thanks KarYan,
might be u don’t feel anything,
but let me voice out does help much..
Really comfort and make me see clear..
U’re the right people..appear at the right timing..
Lovie and gambateh in ur all the way too..

Almost forget my girl, Luan..
We move together, kay?even u wont see it here, u will feel it..xD
We text, we motivate, we share..
I’m so welcome any message comes in..
And u success more than me..snake less than me..

I do abandon my phone always in ipoh..
Paiseh for any troubles caused..
Maybe now i should attach it to me since I’m not used to call back people..
Is weird i know..but just not so like calling ppl compared to text-messaging..



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