Not gonna tell u why.
Cz it’s nothing.
Ya, it’s really nothing.

 It’s valueless in other’s eyes.
So that’s nothing.

Opinion not same.
Attitude not same.
Behaviour not same.
That’s why something to me but nothing to you.

What’s the feeling when u did that?
Feelingless right? I know.

I would not do that because it’s impossible.
And now, I so hope that it could be possible.
And just for revenge, relieve, whatever else.

Coz whatever’s also nothing.
You not gonna pay ur eyes on it too.

Thanks teaching me one lesson more,
throw means everything turns to be unvaluable.
treasure?a piece of shit.

I’m evil.
I’m rude.
So? “Shit!” is my first reaction.
Cz it was so unbelievable to me.
How many times u did that?
Since when u did that?
I even never thought of.
Still guard in mine baik baik.

S.H.I.T. not enough.
“Holy Shit!”

I’m fine.
Angel’s back.


Nothing always means something.
Even u turn it to nothing, u let me know this, but I’m not gonna learn it.
treasure this word is still in my dictionary. it stands firm.

Learn from lesson?Thanks.It’s in <Should-Not-List>.



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