I crave for beautiful stuffies, means beautiful in my eyes.
Once I get it, I normally cherish like it’s the only one.
I care about every little thing in my life, especially human being.

something meant important by me if spoiled accidentally but still can be kept; it will be stored. *nyearsago a-kiddish-me isnotlikethis*
Ya, I do have a medium memory box in my room, storing stuffies that have a story behind.

Going to this way, sometimes I felt not good. As you care something else more in your life, you will get a possibility of being hurt more. That’s linear unchanged relationship but regret is going in line with not-caring too. Here I’m saying people, relationship, and bonds.

I perceive stuffies as important but might be I as the careless one, would not so sayang them. People are different to me. I care their thoughts, and sometimes till get hurted indirectly. Not their fault, is mine. I probably hurt someones too. Because the way of surviving in this world is not care much but in a balanced way. Still learning, I’m just a kid facing a social rulebook. Btw, feel luck at least not baby.

Again want to say, to be an “at least” person in life. Then, just can happy-go-lucky to have a merry in your lifetime.

I’m chasing for those lovies as believing that they will leave uniqueness in life. I do love unique, or put in other way, I not quite like to be in same way with others. But, meanwhile I will afraid of losing or kicking out from the track. What a contradict sentence..

Beside my blog there, I share some stuffies that discovered today.
*whatthe, ishouldoff tobeabookworm*

Decide to share as worth to share. Pay a look if you do like them as well.

Knowing me, you should know one or two things that I like:
Photographs, Books, so Bookmarks, Vintage accessories, Notebooks, Puzzles, Stamps,
and many much more.

Specially mentioning that dreamz bakery. Guess that 3D cake is their selling point but i attract by the owners. Is a couple netting their dream with those sweet desserts <3. Will be special things there, not common brands or famous shops appearing in the list as those are you know, i know even is my likey too.

Might be updated or deleted when its value is diminished.haha. I not so like getting a lengthy list. So bookmark yourself if feel okay for you.
And you can ignore that snoopy cafe as that just personal bias. LOL.

I’m dreaming of an unique enjoyable life always, almost every second.
 And people see, people know.  Dream yet still aside with ordinary. 

Extraordinary is only about that little “extra”. =)




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