Find Malaysia Used Cars:.

现在有得二手就二手 减低消费之余当然需确认事物处于仍好状态
我那架 LOMO 也是二手再二手 之前还有不知道多远的第一手也有可能
可是保存得很好 也保养得不错 拍出来的结果有待有待第一卷底片用完的时候

最多最多听到的二手 莫过于汽车吧 二手车 尤其给刚刚考到驾照的人来说已经是种幸福

Want your used car to be sold at best negotiated value?
Want buy an affordable used car under good conditions?

What should be done?
-Through dealer, a pie of your profit might be transferred to them, which whoever also would not want to do so.
-Through relatives/friends/social networks, the market circle might small for used car to be sold. Anyway, it also takes a sense of relationship concern. Thus, price might be cut down too.
-Through website/forums, you might start to worry about reliability, security, conditions of car and many more lingering around your head before making a decision as to which car to buy/when selling used car off.


*Wooowww..Its name sounds as a professional whom nobody can defeat it. LOL.*

Just register an account, you can post your used car for sale, scan for a range of available cars, or buy a second-hand car for your beloved as surprise. The latter one is in my dream or your dream as well. XD

It’s USER FRIENDLY, where you easy to type the key term and click search. The website layout is simple yet understand how to operate in the first sight. So, don’t get worried even you are a “IT Dinosaur” or technophobia.

It protects buyer and seller SECURITY. I thumbs up for this feature. If you want to contact the buyer and start arrange negotiation, there will be one feature called “Contact Poster”. Via few columns prepared, you can type the message and send it into seller’s mailbox via the website. Instead of posting the handphone number or email address out, sellers can avoid from a lot of annoying spam or even get hacked in the future. So, the deal information can be conducted privately between both willing seller and buyer. A SAFE TRANSACTION is what you cares.

A range of car brand is available on site. Whatever brand that you can or cannot name it will appear for your choice. It’s really MARKETABLE. I bet that you would want to view it in one times rather than going store by store to browse through what you want to get. CarSifu aids us by CATEGORIZING those for-sale cars by brand and location too. Let’s say you are Kuala Lumpur resident, what for you want to get a car seller who lives in Johor? That sounds silly, unless that car is quite rare and produced/bought by that area’s local people. Have such possibility? Doubt it.

Now You Go !! Is time for viewing the car, searching for the best price, and contacting buyer for a good transaction.

Some pick-up suggestions for the siter:
– Website should have a brief site introduction, including the disclaimer of its liability extent, as a obvious tag above the header row. Thus, readers can have a glance before starting to surf its website.
– Despite of location and brand, I guess that most sellers have their own budget. Price should be an add-on categorize. Thumbs up more if have.
– Description of each car to be sold is sufficient. For some ads, one picture of that car may be not enough. Buyers should be compulsory to enclose few photos from different views,instead of the one and only picture.
– Last but not least, a feedback thread or discussion rooms can be a value-added activity. Adding it into the website means allowing users to comment on their transactions. From there, the administrator can seek improvement and also other users can have a certain degree of assurance to continue to be part of successful trade lists too.

Agree or not? Comment if you feel that my suggestions are constructive for them too.

Do what now?

So if you are the one who currently have this intention, just click on the link and view it.
No? Then you should bookmark it for future reference or helping someone out of this troublesome matters.

Ya, Facebooker might want to know if they do have facebook pages. It have, and thousands of people have liked it. Don’t miss the like button too !!


Rated: 7/10 for its website and purpose. Services are unknown since I’m not in level to buy or sell car.

:. Want car, Find CarSifu .:


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