Rooms for rent in Penang.

Again, another similar useful website that I’m going to introduce.

iBilik, sounds like iPilih. It’s really under your choice to live in where. Long ago, one BizReview post that saying the right choice in buying apartment. It’s time for renting as if you are not till the level of buying your own living home yet. Then iBilik is for you.

Welcome to Malaysia’s largest and No.1 Room For Rent / Homestay / Short Term Rental website, with over 70,000 listings posted online all across Malaysia, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar, Cheras, Setapak, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, and Penang.

Read the above description, then you should know what you should do if want to rent out a room. Just post there and wait for response. I believe that you will not need to wait somehow longer, compared to sticking the brochures or papers writing “Rooms for rent” under your apartment there.

What more attractive?
It’s hard to find a short term rental if you are only up there to interview or for a few-day short stay period. No money to go for hotel? Worried about hostel distance and rating? So, you can go to ibilik to choose a room or house (if have few people). Sure that it will be more comfortable than hostel/motel and the rent is cheaply comparable.

As for long-term rent, you may want to see few apartments or rooms to compare with each other. Similar room below there will help you filter and have a quick comparison on the other similar room types. You can also click the star beside to bookmark room you view, so won’t miss it afterwards.

How assure my choice?
You can pay a look at the number of visits and reviews. ibilik creates this, which is a way for you to know how popularity the room is and therefore you can judge from there.

Clicking inside, the description and also photos again help you to decide whether it is suitable or not. One photo worth thousands of words, right? You can barely know about the size and environment there.

For the distance, iBilik has a google-like map below the room description. You can estimate the driving/walking time from the room location to your destination. And therefore, you can plan the transportation you will take also.

How to book it?
Availability there is a good calendar with green and red boxes, showing the date availability for few calendar months. So, you don’t need to email and wait for the response. It wastes time, I think. Now you know yourself, and the site updates quickly regarding the availability.

A instant confirm button is also there. Check the suitability, and then click confirm. Easy and do.

For long-term rental, you should want visit the house and negotiate with landlord. So, rather than above button, it has contact button for you to arrange the details with the person.

Anyway, they are not only for Penang, but also for whole Southeast Asia including M’sia, Singapore and Indonesia. It’s a good site that my friends are always using it to rent out their rooms when coming to end of course. No bad comments till then.

You must in Facebook, so just “waste” a like on its facebook pages to keep updated with their good deals. As well as, current competition “Share a taxi”. Want know more then click like.


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