PropWall – Homes, Properties, and Rentals!

Not everything big is essential. As long as a house is comfortable, I guess it delights everyone. It is just so-called home sweet home. Or I should say if you have a roof top, you should then feel pleasure. Anyway, looking for a suitable roof top (Eww!!), home is pretty nice task. Nice? Yes, don’t you enjoy visiting those show houses?

PropWall offers you a hand, claiming as the largest free property resources website in Malaysia. “Largest” cannot be guaranteed here but “free” is for sure. You can register free-of-charge or browse the site without registration (It is definitely not asking you not to register. I don’t want to make them losing member). But if you are a serious property buyer, it is easy and fine to register and login as member.

Whatever area you are seeking (clarify that in Malaysia only), it is definitely included in PropWall region. You can buy or rent different kinds of properties, ranging from terrace house to bungalow, from home to office. Photos, answers, and maps tab above the site cater every single need of buyers. The most soothing thing is that it has search tab to filter and show relevance stuffs only.

PropWall is for living, and for investing too. “Top Areas” in the right column provides you a brief idea, especially for those existing property investors. “Quick Links” tells you where the hotspots and top properties are in the capital city of Malaysia. The information is reliable as there are property analysts or experienced investors ready to service you. Or, you can do your own analysis via the left-sided “Top Properties” and “Most Wanted Properties”.
I’m keep on saying “tabs”, “left side” and “right column”. But actually you click on the link and will just say “Ceh! It is super duper easy!

Does it have cons? You don’t believe that one website is perfect at all. I’m also. It writes “over 2000 property analysis articles” but it is hidden and hard to find. A link should be put in as how it writes “property for sale”. As an extra bonus, it can open a blogging platform to write about real estate condition in Malaysia, as well as plan to conduct seminars which are open to public. Booming smartphone era induces PropWall to have its own application to increase the extent of convenience. It is still good, and only has rooms for improvement.

From there, I know the top areas are Dutamas, KLCC, Damansara and Mont Kiara. Are you having investment or living there? “Find property, Find PropWall


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