Is #stopkony a right move?

Trying to stand in a neutral point, I just feel that why a good charitable movement can turn to be a debatable topic. Anyway, support is a good deed. Especially, for those like us who are miles away from the country. This thing actually has pros and cons. Let’s do research over Google before you say support. Google is ever a abundant information hub. What you do is just type, click and read. Read what is Kony 2012, what is #stopkony, and what is Invisible Children. By the way, I believe Google over Facebook viral a lot. Facebook, from those sharings, can let you see one-sided judgment only.

And, after that make yourself a quick thought. If you are Malaysian, you should know #stoplynas. Why don’t ever have someone to object, propose or stand out not to support it? But why does this happen to #stopkony? When having authorities to doubt over IC’s accountability, how much percentage can public put in to trust its tumblr information?

Miles away, I myself also don’t know what is true or false. I support charities much, and always joke “Because I want to kill karma”. But in this, I hold my mind. Just feel that it shows one social phenomenon today – Follow trend.

This site below tells you who they are, and is one that performs a very neutral statement.

Search before support!
Facebook is controlled by users. Information is not being filtered itself.



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