When life’s getting into a frame, you will tend to forget who were you before.

When the frame lasts longer and longer, you will tend to tie your life with the four corners.
When your life is fixed in a way, your heart will be used to that, and yet changes become a reminiscence.
Is it right?

When you feel contented with something, you will still blame on something.
This is called imperfection, when mankind always chase after perfection.
And, this is you and me. This is namely human being.

In fact, we ourselves are imperfect too.
Everyone has his or her hideous side.
I will jealous of my friends, but would not hate them.
I will hide my mistakes to someone, but out of there still have one or two who I will reveal to.
I treat you good whenever I feel good. I will bother you whenever I want to.
I’m hot-tempered, impatient and sometimes wish to let myself alone.
I’m careless, shy and sometimes feel that I don’t want to be a good girl.

You do have a moment thinking that you are fake sometimes, don’t you?
If no, then I do.
When I have to hide my emotions.
When I smile not from my heart.
When I live around a bunch of adults.

That’s why.
No matter how hideous I’m, I love every small thing in the earth.
I love kids. I love pets. No, I dislike insects.
whoever appeared or appearing in my life, till twenties now.
I remember you if you are disappearing now.
I love you if you are always by my side.
Have to tell
because I know I was bad and still will bad once in a while in the future.

Is this considered as confession?
Acceptable, right?
Try to be honest all the times.
Tell me that you love me.
And we love each other.

So, this blog is going to be named as confession.


God, what religious you’re,
Make that dream good.


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