Things pending till now.

Many things are dragging, dragging, dragging till today and……

1. Arranging travel photos, wash some out and hang up or frame them
2. Reading finish my novels
3. Dying my black hair root or dying back to black
4. Read some finance-related and photography articles
5. Complete my travel journal
6. Doing mask every fort night
7. Write a letter

That seems short but take lots times to do so. Some were talked from last year, some should be done in earlier few months. The only thing I do not fail to do is only blogging, tweeting and working. 8.30am to 5.30pm, I stuck in my office and face Ms. Excel, UBS, invoices, statements, etc. Back to home, I face laptop again to check mail, comments, messages, forum etc. And then, I start every freelance task if I have. Multi-tasking is only the way for me to update with my friends in distance while writing. Finally, it should be called for a day.

And, each coming weekend is time for me to going out, relax and rest at home. One day out, one day home. A perfect 7-day week that is.




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