KL Budget Hotels – Online Booking

Last time, when I had to head down to KL for one or two interview session, I always made it as a one-day trip. Or else, I would overnight in my friend’s room but it would be pretty inconvenient to trouble others.

I always thought that any room rental website is only for long-term tenants. If you are on a short business trip or vacation, or in a situation as above, you will have to look for those cheaper hotels or motels. It was what I thought until I met iBilik.com.

Actually, it was known as CariBilik.com. If you were its previous customer, you should more trust and confident towards its service. I’m not but a few of my friends posted their rooms to let in there. The feedbacks were not bad. However, the CariBilik.com did not feature the short-term rental feature. That’s why you have iBilik.com now.

I think, they are investing money and efforts much to expand this start-up business. Until today, it has successfully covered the region outside Malaysia such as Singapore and Indonesia.

I’m not certain whether it is the cheapest rate for the short-term room rental or not. However, it offers one more option for us to choose and compare. Usually, the cheapest hotels are mostly nearby Golden Triangle area. If someone worries over the safety or cleanliness, iBilik will be a better alternative. A room become your budget hotel. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

I like its instant booking function. Besides, you can directly see the available dates in the calendar shown. The website is quite updated to details, right? After clicking the “Book Now!”, you will receive some important details such as check-in codes and then relax to get your room on that day.

Something that I feel that iBilik.com should take note of is its security part. Especially, it should make the identity verification feature stricter as currently it is only through an email. Paying deposit and rent a room is not a small matter which could cause someone have to urgently look for another room if any mistake happens. The stricter it is, the better it is. I realize that some will have to pay high deposit charges which is not much welcomed by travelers. A reasonable charge will be good enough to secure both parties and enjoy the advance payment.

New “KL Budget Hotels” – iBilik.com! Don’t forget that it has long-term room rentals too. =)


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