When life is counted by days and days are counted by RM, it is a disaster. Coming to every new month, I truly dislike the starting point has to be overwhelmed by spending. Besides, they are fixed expenses. It is kind of headache regarding to the saving matter. No matter how early are you to realize and do savings, being frugal is yet something very hard. A long period without shopping will cause your angel and demon fighting once you enter the shopping place. Groupon is really another thing that lets you see and say “It’s cheap” and therefore struggle between yes and no. You have money to spend, but merely you can’t hit the saving target and have to afford travelling.

After working, something is still going to be paid by parents. That makes me guilty. Yet, half of mine feels that’s good as it saves. Life is always about counting. And, I feel people are likely trapped by those expenses, installments, self-desire and so on as we are growing older and older. That’s totally so-me now. Just wish to shout damnit. I feel no good.

Live a thrifty lifestyle, buy without calculating, eat without considering, able to go somewhere whenever I want.

Enough ranting. Still feel my life is blessed. Although it is annoying to hear those questions, life is blessed with a career. At least, finally I get into costing part. Distance is there with colleagues, likely due to the age gap. Not really similar with last time. Also with housemates. So-so situation. Everything is fine and nice. Living outside is not as comfortable as staying in home. Nonetheless, I’m kinda person that must step out from the home. Now, just moving in a good path without any premonition about what should be happening in next year.

Friends, are moving too. A step ahead, all are different. Nice to see friends. Nice to keep in touch and chat. Nice to hear the old, familiar voice.

Realize that my impatience has never gone away or reduced; my temper is just huidden; be cold or anger towards someone even being disappointed is still hard for me; my desire is there with no reason.

July, half a year, what had I experienced was like yesterday.
Next half year, how to make it “owlsome” as if it was really 2012 ?



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