Web Shop 999.

My colleague just asked: Why did I choose WordPress? It was like no reason. In fact, it was. I was told to shift to here when Window Live Space was going to shut down. Frankly, I fall in love with WordPress afterwar. It is not as common as the feeling that other sites give me. Similar goes to my favorite web shops. I love to visit iWearsin or the hottest Zalora, even just for the sake of browsing.

Like being unique is a human characteristic. When you plan to or are conducting an online business, do you like to just open a Facebook album or use whatever blogging place to display your items? The answer is “No”, at least for me. You can make it attractive but the attractiveness is hard to compare to a very own e-commerce web shop.

Webshop999 customizes the web shop in accordance with your requirements. You can be creative and make use of their brains to help you design an extraordinary, yet simple, web shop to attract and retain your customers. Besides, user-friendly feature is pretty crucial. You can design on your own. If that is not your profession, you might not assure that you can avoid coding and other possible errors. Leave it to them because they are cheap!

After the web shop design, Webshop999 even provides ways to grow your online business. This is really good for the beginner. The professions assist you to keep track with customers through real invoices and orders, monitor your sales via statistics and reports and ease the shipping fee calculation in various currencies. Payment security is what customers do concern and they help you to guarantee it. Search engine is what you do concern and they also help you to achieve the optimization level.

Moreover, they will maintain it all the times and upgrade your site whenever you tell them.  This is perfect so that you can only focus on your business rather than other miscellaneous stuffs. It works like you have an IT support team for your web shop. Cool, right? Choose the starter plan first, if you are hesitate, with only RM399 per year. Note that it is priced in RM rather than USD. Save RM1.10 per day and pay for this awesome product to sell your products.

Shopping cart, product catalogues, order and payment, web security, SEO and so on are not troublesome to you when you pay a little money and then own your self-branded web shop. You can be an online or offline business, or even an individual.

Visit the Web Shop now , directly click on the “Demo Shop” tab, and drop them an email to know more about what is E-commerce.


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