Clock is ticking to 3a.m. Nobody is available for me. Reluctant to wake up whoever by my heart too.
Something, from bad to worst, to bad, to normal, to good, now changes to unknown status.
Always calm down before act. Thinking deeply, answer is floating in nowhere. Probably, the answer is not an answer.
That is not important, though. Whatever answer I can get, a question mark is ready in the opposite side.
Throw the question back to the owner of heaven but it is not fair. He will say, “No answer or, even having one, No way for you to know it.”
Hence, Jing, the proper way is to let it go. The “go” is to go ahead but not away.

I had crossed my road to do something. There are a lot of obstacles because we are in a journey called life. What to do? Walk it with your heart. It will back to your side if it is by your side.


Thank you, at least I talked it out, not to myself, and got a relief. Sweet dream is waiting for me because of the right person and timing.


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