September ends soon. Excited about it with a reason that totally does not make sense. When September started, I had a strong feeling. Much signals were flashing to me that it was not a lucky, smooth beginning. Okay, nothing really bad happens though. It is just so-called girly sense. That’s why I said it as non-sense.

So in this week, I know October is gonna coming. Monday like Friday, Tuesday like Friday, and finally tomorrow is Friday! Although I gotta spend much in next month, (just now chatting with friend I even thought next month is November, how badly I wish it was October?), gotta OT much in the start and end of next month, I’m waiting for it anyway.

Opportunity cost. I had learnt this word in accounting term, and it always appears in our life. Many people are asking me to here and to there. Money not much, time not much. Make a choice. And so, opportunity cost counts.

Next year’s schedule is full. Next next year, I wish to pass it in another country. If not successful, then I…don’t wish to re-plan it. Haha…

Burning a hole in pocket because of outing, health and terribly fixed expenses. Love to joke that feeding a car is similar as feeding a boyfriend. Petrol and car instalment are big sums that I can spend on activities otherwise. Hearing weird sounds and start worrying, like you’re suspecting he is having another affair. Exactly, right?

Stop having fun and then you can start your saving securely. But, sorry, it is really hard for me. What for life if fun does not exist? But I wish to have fun without worrying about money as well. Anyway, every month do the calculation, the gap is still there.

Learn to say “No”, avoid those careless mistakes in work, be alert, be sociable (with the “No” always besides my mouth), be fit….Start my October. Oktoberfest, I miss!



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