General Election, nearer and nearer. This time is a big change, marking a huge dot in our future history. The change is for everyone, every human beings and also potential human beings. Noticing the tips and tricks, I has begun to sense that awareness is just about to start. Citizens are no longer blind because of the information channels and education level. Throughout the whole election process, from nomination to the day to come, I feel that the mixed spirit and emotion are floating on the air. Regardless of the parties, I feel sick of those extremists. What for the fighting? What for the arguments? What for the dirty tricks? We are voting for our government. Even if you are lose, it is still your country. You are still going to live here, your family and friends are here. We are voting for one hope, a family of government. We call it as the Pakatan Rakyat. The hardest, and yet the greatest, solution is to PAKAT all citizens. Be prime minister or someone in the slum, we are citizens of this country. We are fated to born, live and be united here.

Whether the UBAH is a success or not, we still have to accept the election result. Keep calm and do the change. No one will know how the UBAH is. But we are willing to take the risk and make the change. It is a game. It is an investment. Not till the end of the next 5 years, we would not know the return of investment. I do not support either party, or should say I remain neutral to see the situation. And vote for what I want. The democracy is respect the others’ choices. IF you do not register and vote, I respect too. This is your choice. We do not say democracy in this hand, and blame the others for making the you-thought-it-is-wrong choice in that hand. You can advise but not blame. You can choose to walk on political journey but not force others to walk the same road. Otherwise, you would just end up like whoever being gossiped by you.

No matter who wins, my only wish is peace. Winners do the best for people, do not change when they fight against the evil power. The hardest part is not now, but after the election. Battle is still on. Humans’ nature is change. I hope the change is better and better.

p’s: My father fall sick in this moment and one of the doctors is on leave for the political election. At first, I was angry, thinking what the principal duty of a doctor? You are at outside claiming that you are ready to help all citizens solve and address problems but how about your patients? Now, I feel thankful that Ipoh has two doctors specializing in this area. Had the doctor known about my dad’s situation, he would be willing to sacrifice the seat or not. I don’t know and it’s not important anyhow.

Peace out, voters and supporters.


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