Once in blue moon.



You can’t tell that I’m the one who has low-confidence, low self-esteem with the big smile. But sad to be honest, I’m. It’s how safe meant much more to me. It’s how I become more sensitive as I care more and more. People see my life as interesting and fun but I don’t feel so, not really. My life is cut version of a movie, played to others. Companion is very important in living a feel-good life. Hate, it’s already not suitable to say dislike, the four walls when back to this room. Change to a better way to say, I only love the bed. Easily to fall, be it fall in relationship, here I meant all types of relationship, or fall in blood and tears. Grip on something when you meet something. Never let go of sometimes just because you afraid of losing. I know that’s not right, when it’s too much, and so I hide. Hide behind the smile, hide inside the words. Not only a way to protect, but also a way to pretend. Pretend until it comes true, until I can be confident by myself, not by others. My heart, when can you be strong? And it answers, when my soul is fulfilled.

Why so down at this wee hour? I don’t know, perhaps first sentence is the answer.

Everyone can live without whosoever, but who wants?


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