I always wonder, how’s the life of a writer?  Infinite inspiration sounds as living in a dream. You have to get different kind of interesting stories to catch your audience in the book. Determination and discipline are something obviously you have to possess. Often giving in to procrastination. Sometimes, I just can finish the work within an hour. Yet, it’s been dragged over the weekend.

Completed the press release, and I felt that the success of being recognized is so pleased. Much more satisfied than my formal work. Perhaps, it is out of the routine life and that’s the reason. It might not be the best in the journalism world but I try to do it and someone accepts it. Dislike the feeling of restructuring my original work though. You will just feel like, “I don’t know how should I fit it to  your taste.”

Anyway, I still carry on the writing task. It’s pretty good to do extra in your life. Not for earning, but for experience.



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