Getting older

IMG_8303It’s titled getting older. Jumps into my mind that I should write a post. It’s been a while letting my blog isolated. Somewhat, I’ve nothing to write/tell. Live my life as usual, as how I’ve grown up for countless days. Waking up, driving to work, checking mailbox, catch up with others when having breakfast in pantry, back to work, lunch time, sit back to the place again, dismiss, and home sweet home. Day after day, month after month. It’s last quarter we’re moving forward to 2014.

It’s never been kind of life I’ve imagined. I don’t know what I’ve imagined before. In present, I’m just eager to know how’s the feeling of saying “Quit the job”. I mean, quit from the workaday world. I wish to totally escape to be a “homeless” people. Homeless, hereby meant to be no commitment. Be spontaneous, be random. Wandering across lanes, heading to a direction, watching people. I’m looking forward for the year to come, when I can realize the little yet big dream.

Who can’t live without who? As long as you kick negative feelings out of your heart, you will feel loved. A small action is simply satisfying. Say no to waiting, or at least not to be the one who takes first step. For this moment, no. Now, do not think of your own feelings before someone comes upfront and tells you how they falls towards you. Going on, me and myself.



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