January, twelve day pasts. Brand new chapter begins to record down every bits of 2014 before it lapses again. How did I celebrate my eve? No celebration. Laying on a girlfriend’s bed while seeing her playing online game with her distant bf. Not to get myself lone in that day but feeling was just similarly lost. Receive a few wishes, wish a few people and I slept. Resolution? I even forget to make birthday wishes last year. Alright, here I go. Health, for someone. Self-love, for myself. Safe trip in India, for my awesome dream.

Recently, I

1. Weekdays, work hard. Weekends, play hard. With small ambition, I like to receive praises and compliments. Who don’t? Spent weekends with them, my colleagues and ex-colleagues, who makes my circle in this town. Cycling, hiking, jogging, like so healthy. And, eating.


2. Trying best to produce the sky journal. It reminds me now of the photobook. Back to the topic, I still forget to take out my phone someday. Imperfection is there, without a full 365-day year.


3. Discover a little fun thing, called nanoblock. Size smaller than lego but price comparably expensive. Should I really into it? No, I have already fallen in love with it. Just yet to spend money on my own Snoopy collections. It is really adorable to make such a collection, and bloody valuable too.



4. Been a while sitting in Starbucks for hours. A new beverage, Asian Dolce Frappuccino. Supposing finish off hundred pages of my book but ended up searching for the nanoblock for hours. Not only “headache” thinking get it on hand or not, but also buy what present to friends. What should I buy?



Lamp lits up. Home, bye and drive!


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