Broken thing, for me, aint a good feeling.
It’s crazy to believe in this silly myth. Yet, I’m into it.
Till now, haven’t acquired a new mirror for my room. Just afraid to see it broken again.
That night, a broken light tube, hormone was lost control and heart gone beyond the trap.

Only the brave one can let it go.
If the Divergent world did once exist, I’d not belong to Dauntless faction.
Always tend to fall back and surrender. Once, twice, countless.
Surrender with no clue as in where to go, what to do.

Ever it isn’t anything yet.
In the spiral of memories, I tried hard to find something to symbolize something to uphold my faith
Yet, it meant there is nothing to pour the piles of hopes and I did nonetheless.
I wanted to believe it would work somehow, someday. But the counterparty is not keen at all.
And so, it comes and goes, and comes in mess.

We are human being, controlled by the uncontrollable feelings.
Things just happens, I think it is.


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