Clusters of Criteria

Not always at ease in public, you do not spontaneously open up to people that you do not know.
Your attention is selective. You are open but do not systematically pay attention to new ideas.
You prefer to avoid conflict. You carefully express your point of view making sure not to offend your audience.
You do not naturally want to impose your opinions and persuade others.

Leading a team does not come naturally to you but you can accept the group’s decision.
You are committed and conscientious when you are assigned a task even if you do not always seek responsibility.
You are flexible, you rely more on your ability to adapt than on your comprehensive approach to achieve results.
You are able to focus on details and address situations objectively to be more efficient.

You trust your ability to succeed and are in no doubt about your potential.
You have your own opinions but are still sensitive to the criticisms of those in your company.
You show originality but without questioning established procedures.
You like to develop independently even if you like sharing your achievements.

You find it easy to keep your cool in stressful situations, you perform well under pressure.
You show great responsiveness, you favor action over reflection.
You need immediate results, you may find it difficult to look ahead to the future.
You like to maintain a certain independance but you can follow the instructions of your supervisor.

You are able to review your objectives in the event of difficulty, you prefer to avoid confrontation with obstacles.
You need to progress at your own pace, your career is not a priority.
You are not afraid of hard work even if you like to keep time for yourself.
You prefer to avoid situations of rivalry and favor cooperation. You do not necessarily feel the need to be the best.


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