Further and further from blogging scene, I also lacks of one life record. Sometimes, feel like nothing to write about although I understand every happening is a precious moment. Not only so, less writing in Chinese, more rusty the machine is. Have to oil it but I’m typing in English now.

My phone broken, unexpectedly. One morning, it lays quietly on my office table, in a blank screen. Its LED was blinking in regular pattern. I was busy and just plugged it into charger. Hugged a big hope that it was just battery issue. The clock ticked at the off-work hour. Reached home and started to ask Dr. Google. Not much hope as the result likely showed that it was phone death or whatsoever. Last but not least, I tried the solution netizens posted and yet it was failed to relive my phone. No choice but to give up and looking for something to back me during this out-of-connection period.

Least, I sent it to repair center but the difference is just officially death was certified. I expected it to come but too soon. I was bragging on it to him and clueless. Losing all contents but I suppose nothing was too important as I cannot recall one. #badluck.

Not long after this, my finger was caught by the door, or the wind. It was after movie with friends. Too late to go for supper. I decided to be a home-girl. Thunder roaring, wind blowing, and raindrop begun. I was kind of phobia, of the strong wind. Once it was locked me out of room when I was rushing to go for a movie date. I remembered and inserted the room key to the hole. Hearing the noise from kitchen, I thought it was more peaceful to close the kitchen door to stop the wind from whirling inside the small space. No. Damnit. #badluck My palm held the door side while my leg tried to kick the pile blocking the door. Yeah, it was not blocked but the strong wind close it instantly in unexpected manner. So, one of the finger was pinched. Pain, was the only word I can think. Blue black underneath the nail now. Hope it is cured itself, soon.

That was last week. This week, more blissful. Perhaps it made me feel so, provided that nothing bad happens.

Balancing my life. The entire week was back home earlier, with no long meeting and less workload. Except Wednesday when I was guiding my team mate to get a report done. Still, every night I got to read a chapter or more before I went bed. When I’m too occupied, mind just cannot digest the content. Feel wasteful to force myself finishing off a story. This week was different.

Thought it was an empty weekend. Yesterday was able to catch the Disney movie, Maleficent. The plot was so-so with a quick ending. Awaiting for TFIOS. If you were fans, you know what’s it stand for. Contemplating to read the romance before it’s on show.

In the progress of accepting one translation project and discussing another task. Hope the deals will be closed in success.
June, here. We’re good.


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