Hello, my life.
I want to read a good book but I haven’t.
To kill a mocking bird sits quietly besides my bed.
And my fingers only touching keyboard and keypad for an entire week.
I want to submit my final translation but I haven’t.
Keep on pushing the deadline to the edge.
Please stop. Gotta do it before the weekend begins.
I want to kick start my Walking Dead series but I haven’t.
All “haven’t” above is happened because I spent most of the times to work and chill after work.
Brain just tired and malfunction.
Till yesterday, it broke down and declared “Migraine” notice.
What, in a Friday night.
Are you kidding me, my nerves? I suppose spending the night to finish my work, not this morning.

Anyhow, gotta do it as I said.
And after that, enjoy my weekend.
Enjoy yours too. :)


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