A few thoughts.

Facebook is a public playground that I cannot write all these.
Nobody’d come, sit and read all I wrote here. At least I feel so.

It’s sentimental, you can tell. I’d say it’s thoughts. An old soul’s thoughts.

I watched TFIOS, in a way kidnapping people to go with me.
There were several teens sitting in the same row, and they were so intrigued by the story than I was. I like the story, though.
Tears were forming in my eyes. Just stay there, not streaming down my cheeks.
Going to cinema, much more because I wanted to know the acting. I read the book before.
It was a good read with few thought provoking quotes.

When I was watching, my own quote walked across my brain.
The alphabet L, the love, life, and loss.

Today an incident has brought it to surface, again.
My colleague’s dad passed away yesterday due to 3rd stage terminal illness.
It could be a rest in peace. And I could not refrain myself from imagining the situation, as if “How was I if I was him?”

It’s just a timing matter.
I strongly agree, if you tell me funeral is for living. I cannot stop thinking but I cannot think more of it.

Another thing, I shall walk farther. I know there is a No, when you tell me “If”.
All the while, I know but I pretend as a hope.
So pretentious of me.

Just buried here.


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