It’s a choice.

When you realize it’s impossible, or it may not be possible, you make a move.
A move to change, however unwilling you are.
Situation, stay put. Thought, change just to feel better, feel yourself.
Be kind to leave a room for your own. A big one, remember.
Maybe one day, you move on, you look back and can talk all as a ridiculous joke but you miss it.
It is how we grow, isn’t it?

Put forward thinking. Although I agree that boy-girl relationship is sucks. You love him but he doesn’t love you. Love each other but in wrong timing. He loves you but you don’t love him. We tried hard to care for whom we wanted to care and you might not get a good appraisal on that. Someone is there caring, worrying on you and you feel him/her is frustrating. So what happens? We acts different, and undeniably we did act like someone we hatred to be. Talked out loud and I second to her point that human beings are selfish. Really, sometimes.

Actually, no physical change. Only mental.
We have ever heard that people always yearn for a way out but stuck in bottleneck. The truth is “We chose to stuck.”

I take a slow move but unsteady one.
Not till You’re here, I may not succeed. I may take a U-turn or halt in half-way.


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