Good that.

I have a realist brain. It thinks the other way round occasionally though. It seems hard to link sentimentality with realism in a strong connection. But they do exist and live together. Things are working out although I not sure is it the way supposing to be. Feel happy, feel belonged and also feel upset too. It is what will play around when we are in a relationship. We want to be wanted and to be wanted is tagged along with the emotional price. I take in people’s word too much, and therefore sometimes kind of unacceptable when people forget, incapable, or actually not a big deal to do it or not. Action speaks better than word. But a person as me still mind the word. Not saying word without action is okay. So I’m greedy and want both. Or just don’t give word. Too good memory I had. Looking around my room, it speaks of everything showing affection to myself which is far more important than those seems like showing off to others. Say easier. Pull all pieces together and still my little kid won out. Should let the adult self stronger and defeat the another always.


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