Snow here.

Half month to go. Counting.

How’s everything going in year 2014? Well, I don’t know.
Any resolution for coming year? Happiness? Or may be something big? Achievement is essential to feel good.

Yearly, I travel abroad twice. This year, yeah, went India. And just back from Boracay. Planned to score one month, one book goal. Seems time flying fast with few books in mind, more books on shelves.
Career wise, I considered myself doing good but yet to greatest. Only recently got bit bored, lack excitement and trying to slack off heavy responsibilities. In another freelancing side, less big job and no new contact. How to get it restarted is a question to think.
Till relationship part, keeping in touch often with friends. Sometimes, got a feeling that old close friends not around me in this city. Anyhow, thanks to technology to pull us closer occasionally. Have started to pull myself away from social media but the downside is reply whatsapp slower and lesser.
Also, got myself into boy-girl relationship in this last quarter. How’s it doing? Honeymoon month with up and down. Two big downs. Learning to love is a hardcore lesson yet cannot be taught or read in somewhere. Not so theoretically. Sounds pessimistic but not so. Not sure how much I love but he’s part of my life now. Feel loved when he pampers. Feel loving to this big boy. Feel touching towards his little act and big surprise. Feel growing up even when we’re in down curve, the talks are just for holding hand together.

Every year starts with unplanned one, continues with life choices and ends beautifully with memories.
Feel blessed.


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