or Jing or people do usually call me Kate Jing as my fb name.

What is this blog for?
Like pens on papers, somewhere to let myself put my fingers on keyboards, telling out my stories. Mostly in feelings.

Blogging is for writing down what I live for, whom I live with, where I live in.

Travelling is to look at the world, talk to strangers and smile in my own.

Who I’m?
Definitely answer-less. Taking the leap of faith in life, jumping from uncertainty to unknowable. Try to be master of my destiny by hands, in the meanwhile do believe there is a pre-guidance when I start to do something. Wish to be more, even just a bit.

Holding a full-time job, a professional qualification. Living as an intelligent, young soul in others’ eyes. Willing to adventure new stuffs whenever, wherever there are chances.  Keeping up my freelance translator and writer jobs in free times. Photography my passion. Realize every little single dream as I can. Wave at me with precious opportunities.

Know more?

You reach

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