Going to 1/2

Time flies when you recall the memories. When both thought that it might not work out, now is almost a 1/2 anniversary. We love and are loved. Still sometimes we fought hard with tears.

He has his own personality and opinion to matters. We’ve been adjusting ourselves to fit in and right. The effort you will do in a relationship. Nothing is called “be yourself”. Not a total one. You will still own your freedom, your interest and your bottom line (make sure the other half knows about it). And you will compromise something when he taps himself into your life.

I seldom says I love you but whispering in my heart each time. I hope he can feel my love as I’m silly enough to express my feeling. Deep inside my heart, I feel every ounce of his love and caring when he pampers my occasional dependency, when he thinks of a way to cool down my itchiness, when he sneaks out from my room as I fall asleep, when he surprises me on celebration or just normal days. He always says I’m a small kid. Just to him, does he know? I love the way he snuggles me and also the way my fingers brushing through his hair. Spending less time in my rent but more valuable time in his room. We watch series, talk about plan, scroll facebook and share video or just do nothing.

Future is so uncertain. Obstacles can be much more than our imagination. In this moment, I’m blessed to have someone staying here and there right for me. I know when I call up, it’d be someone there. I know where I can lay my shoulder on. I know the only person I want a hug, a kiss and a word. I know he loves me and happened to know I love him too.

And then I choose you. So the story continues.

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